Latest Android based tablets in Indian market- Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 730 & Galaxy Tab 750


Watch new Android based tablets in market- Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 730 & Galaxy Tab 750. Samsung’s much awaited two Android based tablet PCs i.e. Galaxy Tab 730 and Galaxy Tab 750 have been launched today in India. They are tagged respectively with the cost of Rs. 33,990 and Rs. 36,200.

Last year in the month of October, Samsung launched a 7” Galaxy Tab of Rs. 38,000. Smart mobile phones are the first choice of the customers all over the world. Senior Vice-President of Samsung Marketing Division, YH Lee told reporters that they launched these smart phones in India, as it is one of the best markets all over the world.

Apple and Samsung

Other reports have revealed that Samsung has lost a Court Case regarding intellectual property rights with Apple in Europe and has been banned from selling Galaxy Tab Tablet PCs in the European region, except Netherlands.

Apple has filed another lawsuit on Samsung for similar infringement based on a number of Apple’s patents. Apple alleged Samsung for copying their iPhone and iPad gadget designs for making Samsung’s Galaxy mobile phones.


This Tablet PC has all PC like functionalities except its smaller size. Both of these Galaxy tablets are well equipped with 1GB RAM, 16GB internal memory, 3MP rear and 2MP front camera and 3G functionality with the Android 3.1 Honeycomb Operating Software. The size of Galaxy Tab 730 is 8.9” and Galaxy Tab 750 is 10.1”.

Samsung’s Country Head of Indian region, Ranjit Yadav believed a tremendous growth in the Indian market of about 2.5 lakh -5 lakh units in the year 2011. This is one of the reasons for capturing Indian market, last year Samsung Galaxy Tab shared around 25% of market share.




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