Latest Android L OS Release Expected in October 2014 with Nexus 9


HTC Nexus 9Android users are expecting good news following Apple’s release of iPhone 6 devices in September 2014. Tech Times has reported that Google has given order to HTC for making its tablet, i.e., Nexus 9. HTC is organizing a press release on October 8. At this event, HTC may release HTC One M8 eye along with HTC Eye.  The One M8 is a camera, whereas Eye is a smartphones line. Gadgets world is expecting HTC to announce the Nexus 9 tablet including the Android L at this event.


Developers have had access to Android L from late June, more precisely June 25, 2014. However, others need to wait till fall. According to market sources, this would be the most comprehensive update of mobile OS from Google, since 2008. Market is only speculating on features and specifications, based on what is available with the developers.  A colorful and animated interface may be there in this, thanks to a new feature called Material design. This design facilitates 3D effects, and shadows.

Android L is the shorter name of Android 5.0L. Devices running on this OS will have a processor of 64-bit. The runtime Dalvik is being replaced by ART, which is again new. There are improvements on the notifications bar for looks as well as performance.

More Devices Supporting Android L

The updates of this OS are only available for Google’s gadgets, i.e., Nexus, Android one, and Google Play Edition.  Motorola Nexus 6 and HTC Nexus 9 can also support this OS.  With so much competition, Google may have been late to improve on its Android software. Nevertheless, the edge it has will continue to give it the required market share.

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