Leaks reveal that 12.2 inch Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro tablet is Coming in CES 2014


Samsung Galaxy Note ProLatest rumor from @evleaks is that AT&T may once again be the carrier Samsung’s 12.2 inch Galaxy Note Pro. As of now Samsung and AT&T are tight-lipped about the launch of this tablet, which the gadgets world is expecting to see in the US markets around the end of February 2014. The codename for this model of Samsung’s tablet is SMP907A.


Unconfirmed sources reveal that the tablet may have an LCD with resolution of 2560 x 1600. It would be available either as a white or black device. Overall dimensions of this 12.2 inch tablet are expected to be 11.6 by 8 inches. Diagonally this works to 14.1 inch, so the screen of 12.2 inch is feasible within it. The device may weigh about 750 grams.


People are speculating that the device would run on Android 4.4, i.e., Kitkat operating system, including the TouchWiz. Market is also expecting the device to have a RAM of 3 GB, apart from a quad core processing chip which during some of the tests achieved a speed of 2.4 GHz. Gadgets world is also excited about the battery life of this tablet. Rumors suggest that the battery in this device would be larger than ever in any of Galaxy tablets. As of now, market expects it to be 9500mAH variety.

There is something exciting about being ahead of the device carriers and manufacturers. It benefits these companies as well since they know in which direction to focus their research and development. This tablet from Samsung is certainly something to look forward to in upcoming CES 2014.

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