LTE endowed Galaxy Note 10.1 makes its way to Verizon on 7 March


Come March 7 the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will be available with the Verizon data plans. The 16GB version of the gadget will cost you $599; the Wi-Fi version will be $100 more than the former if it is 16GB and another $50 dollars more if it is 32GB. However, prepaid plans will also be announced for the Galaxy Note 10.1 existing customers.


Let’s now take a look at the features the Galaxy Note is supposed to offer. It has an attractive feature of signature S-pen stylus to be used on the 1280x800p resolution screen. It runs on 1.4 GHz processor quad-core and is endowed with 5MP camera at the rear. The gadget runs on 4.1Jellybean OS.

Verizon added to it

With Verizon, you will get prepaid plans for this tab. The users can avail the Share Everything data plan by which they can share their status on social networking sites directly! With this Verizon has the third tab in line after the Galaxy Tab 2 and the 7.7 Galaxy Tab.

So Verizon will the first carry this tab, but surely not the only one since US cellular has also launched it lately.

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