Memo Touch Tablet to Help Senior Citizens with Memory Loss Issues


There are plenty of new gadgets of all types, shapes and sizes, coming into the market on an everyday basis. While some of them are fancy gadgets to attract and please the consumer, there are others that are actually designed to help people challenged in some way or the other. The latest touch tablet, Memo, is one such gadget, designed to help senior citizens suffering from short-term memory loss. This nifty little device helps them effectively deal with their problem and retain their peace of mind and independence, in spite of their medical condition.

This unique software is designed to operate on an Android tablet and enables the kin of the patient to set the device, so as to remind their elders of everyday tasks and activities. Not only that, they can also remotely monitor the senior citizens’ activity levels, so as to make sure they are doing fine.

Memo does not need any prior computer or mobile gadget experience. Simple to use, elders can learn to operate it within no time at all. Family members can remotely manage the information displayed on this tablet, also adding reminders and so on, logging on from wherever they can access the Internet.

Short-term memory loss is nowadays becoming an increasingly common condition in the United States. This is where gadgets like the Memo can be of great use to both elders and their caregivers. The latter can help them manage their day-to-day activities; remind them of the meals and medication to be taken at specific times; and also monitor their elders throughout the day, without having to stop their own office and other routines.

Memo gives the user a variety of options to choose from, right from day/date displays, everyday reminders, weather info, phonebook, a help button to send messages and emails to the caregiver if necessary, and so on.

Family members can also send their elders messages, share photographs with them and continue to remain online when they are not at home. This would go a long way in reassuring elders that they are in safe hands and would be taken complete care of.

The idea and concept of Memo has evolved as a result of the joint effort of both clinical gerontologists and researchers. Memo, which has been in beta stage since January this year, is all ready to take the market by storm. Currently, this software operates on an Archos 101 10-inch tablet, running the Android OS. In order to operate it, the user must have an Internet connection, preferably, a wireless Internet connection for the elder concerned. Since Memo overrides the current programs running on the tablet, the user will not have to endlessly search the tablet in order to access this particular app.

In case you are not completely satisfied with the Memo, you can return it within 3 months, as far it is not damaged in some way. Within this timeframe, it can also be converted into the original tablet, running the Android OS. In such a case, the balance Web subscription fee will also be refunded to you.

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