Microsoft makes Temporary Cut Prices on Surface Devices as Permanent


Microsoft has currently made the price cut on the Surface gadgets as permanent for fulfilling consumer demands. Consumers can now own cheaper Surface devices, Thursday onwards. We have already seen such price cuts with the Surface line of gadgets sometime back, but this one is to stay and not for promotion.

The Adjustments

The basic Surface Pro device will now cost you $799 that is a straight $100 cut in the prices. The Touch Covers are now priced at $79, and this is $40 cheaper. The Limited Edition version will be available for $89. The Surface RT Bundles is priced at $399, and this is $50 cheaper than the original sale price. And all these prices are here to stay!

Reason for Such Adjustments

Microsoft has declared that these prices have been slashed so that the demand from the consumers may be fulfilled. This so called ‘phased approach’ is going to help Microsoft also live up to the expectations of the people. Since the news has appeared on the official Surface website, there is an alarming rise in customer response. Now you have another reason for owning the Surface Pro and Surface RT bundles!

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