Microsoft planning to launch cheaper tablets in the market soon


As Microsoft was listing its profit-loss statement, it has reported a profit of over $6.5 million and earnings of $21.5 nearly in revenues. There is a line-up of Surface Pro tablets for Microsoft to be launched, but still they are planning an advanced pro version that will be available for less.

Microsoft Surface Tablets at a lesser price

Peter Klein has suggested that Surface tablets running on Windows RT operating system will be available. They will, however, come under lesser prices. A lot of experimentation is going on so that the right mix may be made to provide affordable devices.

Even though, there is no official support to confirm the recent revenues, yet it is speculated that this hugely scheduled launch will see almost one million tabs selling. As the computer lovers will be surely interested in purchasing the budget Surface tablets in comparison to the expensive Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD.

The recent launch

The not-so-grand launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro is scheduled on the 9 Feb. The basic price has been conformed to be around $899 as compared to the original surface at $500. The Operating system is Windows RT and is surely a competitor to the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus gadgets.

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