Microsoft Surface Pro and RT Available for Sales


This weekend, your dream of owning the Microsoft Surface Pro can be put to reality. The Pro version and RT version are available for sale but are they similar. Nowhere close even if they are looking- alike, let’s see how these gadgets differ.

The Pro version

The Pro version starts at $899, and it is compatible with the applications of older Windows. The device weighs around two pounds, and its dimensions are 0.5 inches. Regarding the internal storage, there are two version one with a capacity of 64GB and the 128GB model. The Surface Pro version shows the compatibility with the older versions of Windows and is well equipped with the chip of Intel Ivy Bridge.

The RT version

This model is available at a pocket pinch of $499, and the older applications of windows do not work with it. It weighs 1.5 pounds and is about .35 inches. The Microsoft RT version has internal storage of 32GB with another advanced version having a memory of 64GB. The thing that is better in the RT version is its double battery life as compared to Pro version and has a Nvidia Tegra 3 chip that is quite slower than Ivy Bridge of Pro.

Both of the tablets show ‘Metro screen’ and difference of about 4.3 mm in thickness.

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