Microsoft Surface Pro at Selected Retail Stores in the market


Microsoft’s Surface pro is yet again stirring news. Report says that it is already in the market, but in which stores? There is still no official confirmation. Some speculate that it must be at display in the local Microsoft outlet, so if you have to see it today, just take a visit and check out the truth.

Full stream production reported earlier

Some time back we had reported that full-fledged production is going on and true to the expectation Microsoft launched its first gadgets in a matter of weeks. But it will still be not available for buying as yet.

Midnight launch

The Microsoft Surface Pro tab has a grand midnight launch at Best Buy and grab the invitation passes if you want to but it fast. You will get to buy it there and then without having to wait for daylight.

As the users are not particularly much familiar with the difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT operating system, the Surface RT faced a lustreless sales performance. However, Surface Pro runs on the Windows 8 and not on windows RT.  The initial price is $899, and those who want to grab it soon will get it from Staples and best Buy darned soon.

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