Microsoft Surface Pro will Roll Out in Few Weeks


Microsoft has confirmed on twitter that the Surface Pro is only a few weeks away. GM Panos Panay has twitted before going to check out the gadget at the factory.

Declared last year

The surface tablet was declared to be launched last year. Microsoft spokesperson says that the Pro model with windows 8 Pro will be available within three months of the release of the Surface RT model. RT model was released last October and the deadline of the three months is soon getting over. Nevertheless Microsoft is all geared up for the release of the Pro model.


The Surface Pro tablet will be seen in two versions-the 64GB version and the 128 GB version. The starting price will be around $899, and it will include some latest Ivy Bridge Processor from Intel and advanced chip of core series. The resolution has been astonishingly improved to 1920 by 1080. Small display port and 2560 by 1140 resolution for external display are some other goodies packed in with retro aesthetics in this model.

The only question that may arise is regarding the battery life as the processors of Intel’s Ivy Bridge are quite pricey options.

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