Microsoft will be selling its New Windows 8.1 Based 10-inch Tablet through Walmart at $179


E Fun NextbookMicrosoft has kept its promise to gadgets world! Windows 8.1 based mobile devices are flooding the market, and these are being offered at affordable rates. This certainly is bad news for Chrome OS and Google’s Android. Nextbook as it is called would have 10 inch screen and Walmart would be selling them. It would also be retailed from Sam’s Club warehouse stores. The price of this device would be mere $179.

Microsoft’s Strategy

For starters, it introduced new features. E Fun is one of them. This has been possible because of less strict norms in licensing. Another desirable feature of Microsoft’s 10 inch tablet is that it comes with a detachable keyboard. This is also the first time a Windows 8.1 device that has 10 inch screen is available for a price lower than $200.

Features and Specifications

The device comes with a quad-core processor, which is Intel’s Atom Z3735G. Its 10-inch touch screen is of 1280 by 800 IPS. The built-in storage is of 32 GB. But Microsoft has provided only 1 GB RAM which can make the buyer hesitate. But iPads also come with only that much RAM so perhaps, if the intention is to make a dent on iPad’s market share, it might well succeed. Other usual specifications such as slot for MicroSD car, port of micro HDMI, and Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) are included. There are two low-resolution cameras, one on the front, and other on the rear, as is the norm nowadays. Freebies include Office 365 for a year apart from 20 GB of cloud storage on OneDrive. These two help to convert the touchpad into a physical keyboard.

For a while, Nexbook will be ahead of other 10.1 inch tablets that are Windows based. But with festival season round the corner, the advantage of launching it in October may not last much since many other devices may be introduced as the holiday season comes to a close.

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