Microsoft’s Surface 2 Tablet Arrives on 18 March, 2014


Microsoft Surface 2 TabMicrosoft’s Surface 2 tablet is due to arrive on 18th March, 2014. Gadgets world has also learned that Microsoft will use the network of AT&T for launching this product. Microsoft stores would also sell the product as will other online sellers. For now, the price tag of this tablet will be $679.


The product is also a 4G LTE. It comes with 64 GB memory space, apart from its 2GB RAM. The processor in this device would be NVidia Tegra3.


Windows 8.1 RT is installed in it. Microsoft’s office 2013 is available on it. AT&T will offer this tablet on its wireless network. AT&T has a few of those data plans which vary according to the user’s location, coverage, and availability of network. Such wireless connectivity is possible because of LTE is enabled in it. Effectively, the device does away with the need for Wi-Fi connections.

This tablet from Microsoft is likely to meet with the market’s approval. Gadgets world expects new and better technologies to be adopted faster by the manufacturers. Microsoft has done exactly that for now by shifting to wireless technologies.

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