Mozilla working on a project to develop OS for mobiles and tables


The creators of the Mozilla Firefox web browser are working on a project of developing an operator system for mobiles and tablets. This project will have some things in common with Google’s Android operating system but majority of the portion will be new. Market will soon have this Android, Chrome, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 competitor as it will have the work similar devices. The team also declared that the entire work will be crystal clear and coding will soon shared.

Code Creation

The code creation, called Boot to Gecko, is overseen by Mozilla project which was also the creator of Firefox browser. Gecko which is rendering engine powering Mozilla Firefox browser and Thunderbird email program is responsible for interpreting code on WebPages and display it in correct format.

More Details

The project team aims at developing OS, with B2G, which would not require browser to run applications. The project is in its infancy but it has created all basic software’s needed to get OS running, said the Mozilla team. Mr. Gal said that the project is designed to attain heights and they want it do it the way open source should be done. The target is to break the strong hold of proprietary technology over mobile world.


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