Much awaited Sony V150 Tegra 3Android based tablet revealed


This android based Tegra 3 release of Sony V150 has been revealed online in a benchmark test. If this is not, an internet prank to fool people this will be Sony’s first CPU tablet. When surfed, a new gadget shows up in the results of NenaMark, which works as a tester for testing the GPU devices’ power.

Sony V150 Tegra 3’s features

According to sources Sony V150 Tegra 3 CPU tablet has an NVIDIA 1.4GHz quad core processor. It has a resolution of 1280 into 752 pixels and a display of 1200 into 800. In addition, an Android operating system to make up for the features left. It has the latest version of Android 4.0 that is ice cream sandwich.

Competitor to release soon

The new iPad that is to release soon has a resolution of 2048*1536 pixels and display of 1080p including Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime HD, this Sony V150 tablet with 1280*800 resolution won’t be able to impress many people.

In a benchmark review, it was rated a 59.70 overtaking Sony’s previous releases like gen Sony’s tablet and is now working equally praiseworthy as Tegra 3 tablets.

Sony V150 does not seem to have much unless it has some hidden features that have not been revealed yet.

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