New Barnes & Noble E-reader


Barnes & Noble has announced the launch of the Glowlight equipped new Nook Simple Touch. It combines E-Ink devices that are great to use in the beach in the sun and backlit screens of tablet gadgets, which is marvelous to use in the dark rooms, but not in bright sunlight. The e-reader can now be used in any type of conditions- from under bright sunlight to dark rooms.


 The 6.5-inch display screen of the Nook Simple Touch E-reader is thus glare-free and at the same time comes with E-Ink. There is an ‘N’ button at the bottom of the device, which activates the GlowLight feature to view it in dark areas. The Nook- weighing just about 197 grams supports up to 60 hours of reading at 18 percent GlowLight- much longer battery life than the previous Nook. Barnes & Noble claim faster turning of pages too.

Nook’s Competition

Barnes & Noble compared the Kindle Fire and the iPad at an invitation event that launched the new Nook Simple Touch. The new Nook costs $139 while the Kindle Touch e-reader retails at just $99- the 3G Kindle Touch, however, cost more. The new Nook will ship in May and will debut Barnes & Noble stores in late April.

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