New BlackBerry PlayBook to be Faster, Better


The BlackBerry PlayBook might not be the best tablet in the market but it is still good nonetheless. The problem with it is that it needs to be tethered to another BlackBerry before it can get an Internet connection and to some, this is a very troublesome feature. In addition to that, not many developers have been doing their apps for BlackBerry but the solution for that is that the PlayBook can also play certain Android applications as well, due to the built-in emulator inside it.

For those that already have a BlackBerry device but want a tablet to accompany it, then consider waiting a bit longer because a new and updated version of the BlackBerry PlayBook will soon be made available. It will be using a 4G LTE connection in addition to Wi-Fi and is also much faster as compared with its predecessor. A new service called the BlackBerry Video Store will also be made available for those that want to watch movies on their tablets.

Further information about its detailed specification is yet unknown but expect it to be better because there will be no need to tether the device to a separate BlackBerry device anymore because the 4G LTE works through a microSIM from just about any carriers.

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