New Gen10 XS Tablet Line announced by Archos


Archos is planning to release for its first line of Android generation soon followed by other models later in 2012. The new Archos 101XS has magnetic docking- keyboard doubling the protective layer. The new Gen10XS android tablet would come in three series and would be released in North America by this November $399.99.

This gadget line would be continued with Archos 97 XS & Archos 80 XS. These gadgets have not been priced yet and would be market by the end of 2012.

Features of Archos Gen 10XS android tablet

The Archos tablets would be upgraded from android 4.0, to android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Each tablet would consist of magnetic, full sized QWERTY- keyboard that would behave like both kickstand and cover. The cover board extends up to tablets battery and sticks itself via magnets.

Archos- new generation android tablets

Henri Crohas, the CEO of Archos has said archos is focused to develop android gadget to a new level. The next android gadget would be slimmer that would encapsulate high functionality and reasonable price as compared to present pricing scenario of androids.

Archos Android is moving ahead to be more advanced with slim designs. YouTube has already done its part with Face book displaying to new sleek design. The new 101 XS is shown as 15 percent thinner than the present androids.

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