New HTC Android Tablet – Specially For Women


HTC LogoHTC is going to target women for the new HTC Android Tablet. Previous tablets were mainly developed to target teenagers, bloggers, internet marketeers and gadget freaks. But this time, HTC has come up with a new idea, they will be targeting females for their all new android tablet which is specially designed for women.

HTC has always tried to be on a unique side and HTC has always tried out new things in the world of gadgets, the idea behind targeting women is also unique in itself, other companies might have thought about some good ideas to attract youngsters or the new generation kids but they would have never thought of targeting women.

There were surveys and researches which concluded that women always love to communicate with their friends and they don’t like to miss their favorite TV Shows, so they usually watch Television while connecting with their friends on Social Networking sites and Web Messengers.

“Our study found women social networking while watching television was a likely use for tablets,”

The above lines were mentioned by Dr. Florian Seiche (HTC’s Vice President of Europe) at Open Mobile Summit in London.

So, the idea behind targeting women is some different kind of marketing strategy, no one knows if this would be a good idea, but HTC is quite sure about this, they must have thought about this before mentioning it. The company people would have discussed it deeply and this idea must be based on many successful surveys and researches, so there are chances for its success. Lets wait and watch ;)

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