New Kindle Paperwhite Ready to Hit the Market on September 30, Priced at $119


Are you waiting for New Kindle PaperWhite then grab it in September for $119? What makes a striking difference between the iPhone 5s and the Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite is that the latter is trendier and enhanced. You can lay hands on it, the preorder has already started today, and the gadget you can expect by the end of September. The Wi-Fi model is available only for $119 and the Wi-Fi, and 3G model is charged $20 extra.


The new Kindle Paperwhite has something pioneering to the other gadgets, the E-Ink’s Pearl 2 Display, which gets the credit to the exceptional contrast. The Old Paperwhite had 800MHz processor while the new device has got 1GHz, which makes it faster by 25%. Other specs include the next generation built in light, touch screen display with good responsive feature, and a tighter touch grid of 19%.

Old Vs New Paperwhite

The display is whiter in the New Kindle Paperwhite and a uniform lighting, compared with the Old Paperwhite. The original device users must have noticed the light giving a cloudy effect when used at nights, which is not in the New Paperwhite.

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