New Line of Amazon Kindle Fire HD Ready for Pre-order in More Than 170 Countries


Are you an ardent fan of kindle Fire then Order your Kindle Fire HD now for holding the first devices in the market? The Amazon Kindle Fire HD is now available for Pre-orders and not just you, fans from over 170 countries can order it now! To make it even more attractive, more than 200 regions will have access to the Amazon Android Appstore. This means a large number of consumers will be enjoying apps from Amazon Android Appstore.

Will go ahead of Apple

With this drastic move, Amazon gadget will now make its presence the largest in markets, overrunning Apple for the tablets. As for stats, the Apple iPad is available in fifty countries were as the Amazon Kindle Fire HD will be available in one hundred and seventy countries. The earlier gadget-Amazon Kindle Fire- was available only in seven countries including US and UK.

Other data about the gadget

The Kindle Fire HD has 8.9inch screen, and if you have ordered the device today, you will get it on June 13 if you are in Ireland, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria. It is priced reasonable just like in the genre of Amazon devices.

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