New Tablet from Google Unveiled Today


The San Francisco I/O developer’s conference today will see Google making a slew of announcements regarding its software and hardware endeavors in the near future and the focus will be long-rumored Google’s own tablet brand. However, many things have changed in a matter of days with the surprise launch of Microsoft’s Surface tablet.

Google’s Own Tablet

The Google tablet, believed to be called Nexus 7, will be a 7-inch slate similar to the Kindle Fire and in all probability will be priced along the lines of the Amazon’s popular Android tablet. Google’s 50-odd OEMs may have sleepless nights in the future except Asus, which will release the gadget. Latest buzz is that these tablets will have Tegra 3 processors and will be loaded with Jelly Bean for the first time.

Other Expected Announcements

Talking of Jelly Bean, the new the next Android mobile OS after the Ice Cream Sandwich is also expected to be unveiled, although some people now say that the new version is 4.1 and just an upgrade to the ICS and not Android 5.0 as previously thought. Meanwhile, some other expected announcements are Google’s answer to Siri, a cloud-based Wallet, Google TV upgrade, iOS Google Maps, Android Entertainment device and more.

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