New Version of Nook GlowLight from Barnes & Noble Now in Market


Nook GlowlightBarnes & Noble introduced their new Nook GlowLight, which is primarily a slate for reading newspapers and other publications including books. This e-reader can be bought from the book retailer’s website or from any of its stores. It carries a price tag of $119, which is extremely competitive for gadgets in the same category.

Physical Features

Nook Glowlight is considerably light. It weighs just about 6.2 ounces. Comparatively, its nearest rival, i.e., Kindle Paperwhite is about 15 times heavier. This white colored device from Barnes & Noble also has a highly durable soft touch screen, which seems to be a general feature in most of the gadgets nowadays. The device is lined by silicon trim, which is silky. This saves the device even if it falls. Its back cover is also soft touch so that it can be held for long without feeling any discomfort.

Other Features

The unique thing about Nook GlowLight is that it includes an advanced technology for display light. This technology ensures uniform lighting of the display, and also lets user define the glow’s intensity. There are several user friendly features included in this device, which let the user implement preferences. The flashing of full page has been deleted. Its E Ink display is anti glare. This feature lets user read the content irrespective of the lighting around. For easy navigation, a bar has been included below the Reading now page. This one allows people to search, shop, or gain access to the library. The device has a memory largely enough to store 2000 books.

Nook GlowLight is a desirable device, especially considering its price. It will garner larger market share because this is a gadget for family, i.e., anybody in the family may use it, unlike smartphones, which are exclusive for every member of the family.

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