No unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S3 in MWC this year


For a relatively long time, people around the world are waiting the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Actually, Verge is telling that Samsung has delayed Samsung Galaxy S3. There are some reports that disappointed the Samsung Galaxy users who were eagerly waiting for the launch of the smart gadgets.

What is the information?

Originally, the report pegged the phone to be launched at Mobile World Congress (MWC) but later on, the reports said that the Samsung has decided to postpone the launch. People that were familiar with this matter said that although no expected date for the Galaxy S3 launch has been decided yet but still people are hoping that it will come before the summertime.

Reason for the delay

Verge has reported that Galaxy S2 was launched last year in the MWC, but the phone came after 3 months later. Samsung Galaxy S2 was unveiled in the February whereas, it came in North America in July, and United States got it in September.

So, probably this time Samsung is sacrificing MWC launch to avoid the long wait between the availability of the device and unveiling date. Although, people will be missing Samsung galaxy S3 in MWC, but still there are some hopes that some Windows devices and quad-core tablets might be seen in the MWC this year.

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