Nokia to sell its Lumia 2520 tablets from 4th December


Nokia 2520Nokia has so far confined itself to handset, but is now testing waters with its first ever tablet, which is identified as Nokia Lumia 2520. Entry into the tablet market, however, does not mean that the Finnish company is leaving its familiar turf for other handset manufacturers. As if to emphasize this with vengeance, Nokia will also launch Lumia 1520 handset merely a couple of days later. Lumia 1520 will be the largest handset that Nokia has ever introduced.

Features and Specifications

This tablet has a display screen of 10.1 inches. It is equipped with 4G connectivity, apart from NFC (near field communication). The battery life of these gadgets is almost 11 hours. The front of this laptop includes a camera of 2 mega pixels. This is for video chats. In addition, this laptop has a 6.7 megapixel camera for taking snaps.  Many of the Nokia’s popular applications such as Here Maps and Storyteller can be used with it.

Availability and Pricing

Nokia has, as of now, allowed only John Lewis department stores to sell its new laptop. The launch price is approximately 400 pounds sterling.

Though a bit late, Nokia’s new tablet will create a ripple in the tablet market. The company has a large set of staunch followers because of its handsets, who will undoubtedly contribute to the demand of this tablet. Moreover, timing for introducing the product is just right too. However, this could be a classic case of Nokia Lumia 2520 beheading Lumia 1520 or vice versa. It remains to be seen which holds up well against the other.

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