Nokia Windows 8 tablet to hit the markets in June of 2012


It is true that Nokia is counted amongst the largest manufacturers and shippers of cell phones around the globe but at the same time, it is known for low and average level phones which do not make much profit to the company like smartphones do.

Nokia- Transforming Image

With the introduction of devices like Lumia 800 Mango, Nokia is hoping to change its image in the world of smartphones. Windows 8 tablet from Nokia has been news for quite some time now and in fact, Nokia’s head in France has confirmed that the tablet will hit the markets in June of 2012. As changes and delays are a common factor seen in the tech world; so the launch of the tablet might be delayed!

Efforts from Nokia

Let’s see whether Nokia will be able to get some its market share with the release of Windows 8 tablet. Lumia 800 Mango gadget is hitting stores in the UK and the company is hoping to do good business with such devices. It seems Nokia is trying level hard to come up with something to woo consumers back to the brand. Stay tuned for more updates on this!

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  1. IT Rush says:

    Can’t wait to see how hard-hitting this windows 8 tablet will be.. keep us posted.

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