Novero Solana, dual OS tablet-netbook hybrid


Usually, the normal case would be that a tablet or a netbook would be running in only one operating system. The same cannot be said with the Novero Solana as this tablet-netbook hybrid can run not one, but rather two operating systems natively. This isn’t another Windows/Ubuntu dual-booting but instead Windows 7 and Android, which is a unique combination of operating system.

The Novero Solana will load the Windows 7 OS at its startup booting but with a click of a shortcut and a wait of roughly a minute, the screen will then change to an Android 2.3 lock screen. When this happens, users can expect full functionality such as those found in most Android tablets or smartphones. It should also be noted that the Novero Solana features a touchscreen along with a keyboard and trackpad. Therefore, users can have the best of both worlds with this device. As a side note, the manufacturing company said that the minute wait will be changed to a few seconds when the device is ready for primetime.

This device doesn’t come with an Android Market built in but it does have the GetJar app which still allows the user to download applications, much like the Android Market. At a price of $800, it would be a device worth considering.

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