Official Announcement of Samsung Galaxy Tab S of 8.4” and 10.5” Sizes


galaxy tab SThere has been enough speculation in the gadgets world about this Android Tablet from Samsung. Effectively, there was little that market did not know about Galaxy Tab S. The only surprise was about its 1080 p WQXGA AMOLED display. The resolution of this display however is 2560 by 1600 just like the LCD displays of its high-end products. That will certainly add to the cost. The last time Samsung introduced a product with AMOLED display was in 2010.

This tablet will be available in two sizes. The display of one would be 8.4 inches whereas the other would be 10.5 inches. The width would 6.6mm.


It comes with solutions and apps like PhotoGarden, SideSync 3.0, and PaperGarden. There are other features as well. High definition content on this is due to Netflix. The operating system in these tablets is the Android 4.4, i.e., KitKat, apart from Samsung’s proprietary Magazine UX. Other features include Multi-Window, S Voice, and WatchOn and plenty of content that is free. There are some attractive offers and credits as well.

Price, Orders, and Shipping

People in the US can start ordering these tablets from June 19th. They will be shipped from June 26th. As of now, the price fixed is $399 for the 8.4 inch tablet, and $100 more for a larger screen tablet. LTE versions are also available, but these would be costlier. Samsung has yet to announce the names of carriers.

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