Pandigital to release an eReader, potential Kindle competitor?


Pandigital definitely has big plans for its SuperNova tablet and at a price of only $230, a lot can be expected to it especially since the price is close to Amazon Kindle Fire at $199. Its specification is quite stellar as well making it a great competitor for the Kindle Fire.

Equipped with nothing less than a 1GHz Samsung S5PV210 Cortex processor, the Supernova is expected to run a lot of applications smoothly especially with its dedicated GPU. A 512MB DRAM on the other hand will ensure that there will be sufficient memory for all of the running applications although we would have been more happy if it would be equipped with a 1GB DRAM instead.

It currently runs on Android which is to be expected and also has the Barnes & Noble eBookStore which would be another reason why the SuperNova would give the Kindle Fire a run for its money. It also features the GetJar App Store which doubles as a marketplace for Android applications

Kindle Fire may have the advantage in terms of pricing but Pandigital SuperNova is nonetheless an eReader that is not to be taken lightly. With the excellent technical specifications, we highly await for its release.

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