PDF security app by Apple


Apple is one of the most popular companies in the field of iPhones, iPods and other gadgets. But launching luxurious gadgets is not the end of responsibility of the company. It has to take care of many other things for attracting huge traffic to its products. For this it has released many useful software’s, apps and other things which work very smoothly. But this is also not enough in this competitive technical market.

PDF security by Apple

Apple is about to release a security software for PDF files. This security software will work on iOS and mends the vulnerability of PDF files. A free updation of this security software will be provided in iPhone, iTouch, iPad, iPod and other gadgets. This software will not allow malicious files to enter in your PDF files and by chance if there is a detection of any foreign material then it will be automatically deleted.


You will be able to use this Jailbreak software by simply installing it and then by making quick scan to your PDF files. While installing you have to enter unique user name and password and this username and password will be required whenever you use it. This will make Jailbreak totally personal to you.


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