Pocketbook – Color Touch Screen Android E-Reader (Announced)


Pocketbook E-Reader

Pocketbook had created a fuss among the readers from the time it was revealed. Pocketbook is on it’s way to touch the sky, this is clear from the fact that it has announced five new models. The new models include the ProBook 602 and the ProBook 902 as the entry  units and the ProBook 603 and ProBook 903 premium units. The fifth one is the out of genre model, the PocketBook IQ.

The 602’s and 603’s have a 6-inch screen and comes with an internal storage abt 2GB, sporting a LINUX-based OS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The 902’s and 903’s sport a bigger 9.7-inch screen for a better reading experience. The 90X come with an internal storage of 2GB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition to all the great features, the 903′s and the 603’s have a 3G connectivity and a Wacom touch screen. The PocketBook IQ which is known as the “entertainment model” comes with three case color options and sport a 7-inch TFT color touchscreen with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The entertainment model runs on Android 2.0 Operating System.

The new models are expected to launch at the IFA in September. The price of these super cool e-readers have not been announced yet but are expected to be announced shortly.

With the features provided, the new Pocketbook E-Reader models are worth a wait. Gadget freaks are surely going to love these new models when they will be launched.

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    I think the ebook market is rising like mad… hehe

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