Potential competition for the iPad: Grid10


Fusion Garage was famous for its JooJoo flop but now, they had come up with a new tablet that may put the iPad up to the test. Grid10 was recently launched by the Singaporean company and by the looks of it, the device looks sleek and has an interface that looks just as good.

It sports the NVIDIA Tegra II 1GHz dual core processor which makes it as fast as any high-end tablets around. It also has 10.1 inches screen which is more than sufficient for anyone with even the most extreme of needs.

What makes the Grid10 different from other tablets is that it comes with its own operating system dubbed the GridOS. For some, it may look similar to Windows Phone 7 as it features the same tile design. However, as the OS is built on top of the Android operating system, users can run any Android software. This means that during its launch, there are already thousands of apps available for Grid 10.

At a price of $499 for its Wi-Fi version, it isn’t cheap at all. At that price, users can get a 16GB Grid10 and add another $100 and users can get ahold of a 16GB Grid10 with Wi-Fi and 3G. To some, the price may be steep but by the looks of it, it may still get a lot of customers in the process as well.

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