Press Shots of Galaxy Nexus Extracted from Verizon Website


Official press shots of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have been discovered by some of the guys at the Android Forums. The source code on the coming soon page of the Verizon website revealed these photo shots of the Galaxy Nexus.

Logo of Verizon 4G LTE

The release date of Galaxy Nexus has not been revealed, but the glimpses of its images are shown in its glorious press shots. One cannot distinguish between the images of the GSM Galaxy Nexus and the Verizon 4G, and you can recognize it only by looking, to the logo of 4G Verizon LTE. The distressing news associated with this is that these images are not telling about the release date and all that we can do is just we have to rely on today’s Nexus news.

Now the back image showing Samsung branding

Few weeks back the front facing images were revealed, not any other additional shots. Now the back image shows the branding of the Samsung and Google branding doesn’t look at the exterior of the phone. As, the new image has been released we can only guess that this gadget is going to hit the market tremendously soon, meantime we can just patiently watch the rest of the pictures.

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