Price cuts Expected on the Touchscreen Windows 8 Laptops and Licensing Fees


The Windows 8 laptops from Microsoft will see a cut in price if the licensing fees are dropped partially on the PC makers. Taiwan retailers will be the first to see this cut in licensing fee and consequently a price cut- may be anything between ten to twenty per cent -will be given to the consumers.

Sale boost

This new strategy will surely see a boost in sales. Sources say that, with this price cut, Microsoft can expect to see another ten per cent more to the sales of the gadgets. As such the Windows 8 devices with touch screen are not selling much!

Cut on tablets and hybrids, to follow soon

As the price cut hits the laptop, the hybrids and tablets are sure to get it soon. The present PC market is staggering and for giving it some momentum some massive steps are necessary. Microsoft is trying to make that significant move which will light the flame of diminishing fires of sales once again.

On Tuesday, an IDC analyst also told CNET that the cut prices would be soon followed by the Tablets and hybrid gadgets based on Windows 8. This is a necessary step to boost up the sales of Windows 8 gadgets.

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