Price of Nook goes down to $79


The price of Nook from Barnes and Noble has been cut to $79 from $99. This price cut has been brought in to compete with the e-reader from Amazon, Kindle.

Specs- Nook & Kindle

Nook has all the hardware complements as in Kindle. The specs are black and white screens of 6 inches, Wi-Fi connective, storage of 2 GB. Now the storage of Nook is 32 GB, which helps users to store all the e-books and PDF documents instead of archiving in the cloud. Nook out beats Kindle when it comes to size. It is wider, thicker, and heavier than the latter. The battery life of the both the gadgets are long, but Nook again outdoes Kindle. Nook can last for 2 months while Kindles goes on for a month.

Price range comparison – Nook Vs Kindle

The cost of Kindle is $69. However, the gadget comes with ads in the screensaver and no charger. When the user needs charger and no advertisement, the price is $99. Nook happens to be the best bargain. Nook can be got from the official website, for this new price, and from other retailers including Walmart, Best Buy, and Target.

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