Price of Surface Pro Slashed Down


The price of Surface Pro keeps going down, and Microsoft began it with a $100 discount on the tablet style computer.  The Surface RT, which received the comments to be a less powerful version of the tablet got a 30% discount.

Surface Pro and the Price Differences

The Surface Pro tablet was priced $899 or 799 as shown by the official site, and this price does not include the device cover. The device cover also acts as a keyboard and costs $120. The model of Surface Pro that had two times the memory storage was launched for $899 or $999. Microsoft Spokesman enunciated that the slash down of prices is a result of the success of the device in the market. Earlier it was said by Microsoft executives had stated that the pricing down was to push the gadgets in the market, during the back to school season.

Surface Gadgets – a Shaky Trial

The first homegrown computer from Microsoft is the Surface tablet, and this had annoyed the allies of the company. Microsoft also had to write down $900 because the gadgets were not sold in the market as expected. The revenue to the company from these gadgets is $853, lesser than the write down. The offer is valid till August 29 and to the residents of US, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

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