Razer Edge- the new tab from Razer


Razer has created a stir in the market with their exact new Razer Edge, a 10 inch tablet running on Windows 8 OS.  This target the PC gaming cult and the gamers already know about it from the prototype that was available at CES called Project Fiona. Presently two models are available- the standard version and the Pro version. Razer Edge can function like a desktop PC with the availability of docking station and keyboard dock and having a Windows 8 platform.

The standard version

If you want to pick up the basic Razer Edge, it is priced at $999. The gadget is equipped with Intel i5 processor, 4GB Ram and Nvidia GPU GT640M.

The Pro version

This version is available at prices starting from $1300 and runs on Intel i7 processor. It has 8GB RAM with an either 128GB 0r 256GB SD card.

Both the versions have 3.0 USB port along with 4.0 Bluetooth support. The most intriguing part is the keyboard which is non-mechanical with backlit keys. So gamers can connect gamepads, keyboards, mouse and other peripherals. What more? Go for a package that includes a sleek Gamepad Controller along with the Pro to get better gaming experience.

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