Reasons Why the iPad is Still # 1


The iPad is definitely a device unmatched in its class even after the introduction of so many competing devices. There are a lot of reasons why the iPad is still the #1 after so long. Here are some of the reasons why we think it still is:

It is made by Apple

The fact that the iPad is published by one of the most reputable tech company in the world means a lot to the people. Previously, Apple has introduced so many products in the class of its own and it had also gathered a lot of fan base in the process. This in return, helped the iPad to gain its rightful throne.

In addition to that, more research has been done on the iPad than any other devices in its category. In fact, new improvements are added every year with the new version of iPad making it a device craved by so many.

80,000 iPad dedicated apps

With 80,000 applications for the iPad alone, it is a lot more than any other platform in the market. Even the Android is struggling with its tablet platform. Suffice to say that the iPad’s developer base helps with its success in many ways.

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