Reduction in the Prices of Barnes and Nobles Nook Tablets


After giving a lot of good deals this time, Barnes and Noble have announced a wonderful offer. This Mother’s Day i.e. on May 12 gift your mom a tablet from Barnes and Nobles and save some more money. The Nook devices are seeing a discount of fifty dollars this season and below are the details.

The Details

The 7 inch HD Nook gadgets are priced at $149 for 8GB and $179 for 16GB respectively. The 9-inch gadget in HD is priced at $179 for 16GB usually sells at $269, whereas the 32GB device priced now at $209 instead of $299. You will get free shipping for all the online purchases, and the offer is valid till May 12. So to get your device on Mother’s Day you need to place your orders now!

Status of the Competition

Definitely with the inclusion of Google Play on its HD devises has improved its chances over Kindle Fire and Google Nexus. It has also joined hands with various studious to give consumers more apps.

With this new discount scheme, let’s just hope the sales do not drop as it had during the same time in 2011.

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