Sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Mega 2 will Start in the US from October 24, 2014


Samsung Galaxy Mega 2AT&T will be retailing Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 from October 24th, 2014. Gadgets world is already familiar with the product since it is available in East Asia. The Mega series of phablets were first launched in 2013 summer with a screen of 6.3 inches. But it is the first time any product from this series will be introduced in the US markets.


Unlike the previous Mega, the new Samsung Phablet under Mega series would have a screen size of only 6 inches. There is nothing to write home about its resolution either. Because of its HD resolution, the screen promises 245 pixels in every inch.  Considering that there are now a few of Samsung’s smartphones with PPI more than 400, this leaves a lot to be desired. The camera in front has of 2.1 MP but the rear camera of 8 MP compensates, sort of.


Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 comes with a quad-core processor, which is Exynos processor. The speed of this processor is 1.5Ghz. Thankfully, it is complimented by 1.5GB ram, for that seamless experience. The 2800 mAH apparently lasts long, but that is primarily because of its low PPI. One charge lasts for about 24 hours. The device being Android based runs on KitKat, i.e., Android 4.4.3. Considering that gadget market is now familiar with the advanced features offered by Android 5.00 or lollipop, this is also disappointing.

There is nothing that the device has to offer to the market that is witnessing a barrage of devices with exciting features due to the festive season. To top it all, the device can cost almost $480 without contract. For 2 year’s contract, the buyer would pay $150. There are two plan variations, i.e., Next 12 and Next 18 to select from. For Next 12, people would be paying $23.75 each month, whereas for Next 18 plan the customer would be paying at the rate of $19.80 each month.

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