Samsung Disclosed its Plans for Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note at CES 2014


Samsung Galaxy S5Gadgets manufacturers and users seem to be enjoying a tug of war at the CES 2014, with manufacturers holding back information, and users trying to elicit more out them. Samsung was one such company that was grilled but revealed very little for the markets to be satisfied with. Basically, the market is interested in Samsung Galaxy S5, which as the market learn is likely to undergo a major makeover.

The new version of the product is due to arrive around the first quarter of the year. Market was interested in knowing its revised feature, but the manufacturer only committed about its display, and cover. The device had disappointed the market on its launch as it physically resembled its predecessor, whereas the market was expecting something better.

Anticipated Features

The market is expecting Samsung to replace the plastic chassis of Galaxy S5 with a metal chassis. There are also rumors about iris scanner inclusion, which remained unconfirmed by the spokesperson of the company. However, the representative of the company did acknowledge that the company is working in that direction. It remains to be seen whether relevant technological developments can be completed by April. It may be recalled that Apple already has a fingerprint scanning feature in its iPhone 5S.

Other Gadgets from Samsung

Apart from Galaxy S5, the company also has plans to introduce sleeker version of Galaxy Gear with improved and better features. Galaxy Gear is a smartwatch offered by Samsung. This device would also be introduced around the same period as Galaxy S5. Later in the year, Samsung plans to introduce a new version of Galaxy Note.

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