Samsung Galaxy 6 Speeding up Faster to Arrive in the Market


Samsung Galaxy 6For now, the smartphone market is saturated. This means device manufacturers either need to add new features or improve substantially on the features of current devices. Samsung Galaxy 6 is due to arrive on the market in the near future. Gadgets world is speculating on its features even though the company has not revealed anything about this device as yet.

Could the speed be higher?

That is a possibility. Samsung may change the chipset, and come up with a new one that facilitates much faster Internet access and data downloading, uploading and processing speed.  Market expects Samsung to give them this new device with almost 450Mbps. Consider this in contrast with whatever is already available in the market. As of now, norm for connectivity for such high-end devices is 6LTE. This facilitates maximum speed of 300 Mbps.  In addition, most of such devices are Cat devices.

Exynos chipset versus Qualcomm

Samsung is focusing on its Exynos Chipset. This means the latest Samsung Galaxy device may have advanced version of Exynos chipset, which is actually developed by Samsung and the Korean company is developing it still further. Most of the other devices have Qualcomm’s processors in them.

Market expects the device to be Cat of 3 bands.  In addition, Samsung would have to include powerful modem, i.e., approximately 10 LTE. Such modem can enable the company achieve much higher speed. Samsung may opt for Cat 10 devices.

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