Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will Arrive with a 5.7 inch Screen


Speculations were made since a long time about the Galaxy Note 3 for having a 5.99 inch screen. But recently the leaks about the gadget have confirmed that the device will have a 5.7 inch screen. Although it seems that Samsung changed its plans slightly, and will use 5.7 inch display instead of the expected 5.99 inches.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Following the Trend

It is likely to its earlier launches as its each edition is increased by 0.2 mm in size as compared to the previous version. First Galaxy Note came with a screen size of 5.3 inch and then Galaxy Note II arrived with 5.5 inch screen after getting a hike of 2 inch. For a while, it seemed that maybe this time Samsung is going to double the screen size, but it looks the same trend of increasing 0.2 mm screen size is being followed.

Rumors about Specs and Features

According to the rumors Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come with RAM of 3GB and the processors will be different for the different countries.  Europe and US will have Snapdragon 800 processor and other countries will get the gadget with Samsung Exynos 5420 processor.

Other rumors about the launch are that Samsung will be unpacking an event on 4 September, and the device will hit the shelves in late September.

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