Samsung Galaxy Tablets Upgraded with Android Jelly Bean


The Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab can be upgraded to Jelly Bean Android 4.2 if you wish. You can have this updated over the air or with the Kies software from Samsung.

The latest update

The latest update will be available in the Wi-Fi gadgets and surely Samsung has finally shifted from the Android 4.1 to the jelly bean for the better. The galaxy Note was the first who could display two windows side by side, later it shifted to the Smartphones as well as Galaxy S lll. But now this update will enable it to re-size, navigate and run multiple apps in unison. However, nothing can be compared to the features that the Samsung Premium Suite has been endowed with.

Stylus capabilities

With these updating additional features has come to the Premium Suite like sending hand written and signed mails, shortcuts and the stylus. Air view is one attractive feature, and now you can watch sections of a video conveniently. The Stylus will also allow you to watch all the photos in the album as well as look into the text in mails.

Surely the Jelly Bean update will increase the utility of the smartphones and tabs.

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