Samsung launches Android 4.0 based 10.1-inch low-cost Galaxy tab


Barcelona Mobile World Congress brought a successor of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 family the 10-inch screen tablets that are low cost too. Samsung announced that 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab will also be running on the Android 4.0 just like its predecessor Samsung 7.0 inch Galaxy Tab.

Key specifications of both the tablets

The hardware specifications of both the gadgets is same, including dual core processor of 1GHz, storage of 32 GB, 2 cameras and a MicroSD card slot to give you the benefit of additional capacity. In the 10-inch model, the screen’s resolution is upgraded to 1280×800 pixels. Since Galaxy, tab 10-inch has a bigger screen, so its weight is increased from 345 to 565 grams, whereas the battery is also grown up to 7,000 mAh.

Samsung said that the Galaxy Tab 2.0 (10.1 inch) is for the home purpose while the smaller one is best if you are on the move.

Launching date

Users can choose from the two versions, 3G and Wi-Fi. Samsung has decided to launch the Galaxy 2 tablets globally from the month of March. Though the Samsung does not release the pricing information, but they said after reaching Sweden the cost of the Wi-Fi version will be around US$470 (taxes are not included).

However, Samsung is launching the tablet with lower prices to attract the more consumers for its tablets. In Sweden, after excluding the taxes the cost of iPad 2 is $531. Let us see how much audience Samsung attracts!

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