Samsung Plans to Introduce Fonblet with Foldable 4K Screen in 2015


Samsung FonbletSamsung intends to introduce a new smartphone in 2015 with foldable screen. The company has coined a new word, i.e., fonblet, for such a device. Last month Samsung introduced Galaxy round, which is also a smartphone, but with curved screen.


Samsung disclosed its plans on the Analyst’s day. It is almost 8 years since Samsung made similar disclosures of its plans to gadgets world. The object is to make the customers loyal to its brand. These plans were detailed in two slides, which depicted its shift to bended displays followed by foldable displays. The chart on one of these slides, however, admits technological hurdles, which the Korean electronics giant hopes to overcome by 2015. It may be recalled that bendable displays were already shown to markets by Samsung in 2013’s CES.

Other Features

Fonblet would also have much higher screen resolution than any of the smartphones. Its resolution and picture quality would be almost on par with that on TV screens. Samsung is planning to include an ultra high definition screens with displays of 3840 x 2160. But even before arrival of such 4K displays in 2015, Samsung plans to improve the quality of existing displays and bring them to 2560 x 1440 levels within 2014.

Samsung’s plans are likely to prompt similar developments from other handset manufacturers. From gadgets industry’s perspective, 2015 is a long term plan. It would be in Samsung’s interests, to focus on research and be the first one to introduce the product.

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