Samsung Windows 8 Tab will be integrated with Intel Chip


Next week, at Microsoft Conference, the Samsung 10.1 Galaxy Tab is going to be powered by the Intel chip, which is currently running on the Android operating system with a Nvidia processor.

Upcoming Features

An early version of Windows 8 version running on Samsung gadgets will be expected to be shown by Steven Sinofsky, Windows chief at the conference of BUILD developers this coming week in Anaheim, Calif.

One version of the Windows 8 tablet based on Intel silicon will be at least shown and distributed to some of the attendees, said a true industry source quite familiar with the device.

In fact, many Windows 8 tablet favor suppliers like Texas instruments, Qualcomm and Nvidia competing on ARM processors. Although, Nvidia has powered leading names like Samsung, Motorola and Sony tablets with its chips to run Google’s Android operating system.

However, it was not sure if other Windows running on ARM processors will be shown at the meeting or not.

Intel’s Strive for Powerful Atom Processors

Intel is trying to bridge the efficiency difference between it and ARM processors, which are more powerful than it. Though, Intel also has a certain power efficient versions like Sandy Bridge Core I series to power “Ultrabook” thin laptops. Moreover, Intel is also developing much power efficient atomic processors.

As compared to Windows 7, Windows 8 will run on both ARM and AMD/Intel chips, will prove a tablet friendly OS.

This story was not commented by Intel and Microsoft, while Samsung did not take its presence.



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