Samsung Windows RT Tablet to be Out in the Fall


Running the tablet version of Windows 8, Samsung will release Windows tablets supposedly in October running on processor supplied by Qualcomm. The release will coincide with the initial availability of Windows RT slates in a scenario when dedicated some Microsoft OEMs like HP opting out of the Windows RT bandwagon.

About Samsung’s Tablet

Samsung’s partnership with Qualcomm over making, a Windows slate was rumored since December last year. Qualcomm, it is said selected Samsung for the Windows tablet gadgets surely with the blessings of Microsoft. The manufacturing expertise of Samsung notwithstanding, it is most likely that the success of their Android Galaxy series was the actual reason. It is widely believed that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processor, the same that is used in the new Samsung Galaxy S III, will be used in Samsung’s Windows RT.

‘Surface’ Tension

With the launch of Surface without any indication before whatsoever, OEMs were virtually dumbstruck. HP has decided to go with only the Windows 8 Pro using the customary x86 Intel chips or AMD processors in their tablets. It is worthy to note that this decision was taken well before the surprise announcement of Microsoft Surface tablet. The release of Microsoft’s own tablet brand has confused OEMs.

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