Sony and Hitachi to collaborate for 4-inch iPhone 5 LCDs shipping


Hitachi has tied up with Sony to start shipping 4-inch LCD panels for a new Apple iOS gadgets. While the 4-inch panel deal is on, both the firms have begun shipping the LCD display for the iPad 3 gadget which is really cool.

Retina Display with Higher Resolution

While all the tablets that are available today offer resolution 1024×768, however the fact that makes this tablet special is; it is the first tablet to use Retina Display and it offers 2048×1536 resolution which is remarkably awesome, offering improved text rendering and crisp images. Apple is also planning to lengthen the screen size of iPhone 5 by 8mm. The phone is expected to have a metal casing as well.

The Good News

The good news is; Hitachi and Sony are planning to merge with Toshiba to collaborate their mobile screen production which will lead to the formation of Japan Display Co. No wonder, Apple contracts come with a lot of challenges as one such challenge is in the arena of backlighting because Apple has been reportedly trying to find a source so that it can illuminate the problem of extra pixels in the iPad 3 screen.

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