Sony releases unlimited music service costs only $4 per month


Are you a music freak? If you are then be sure to subscribe with Sony’s latest offering which offers unlimited music to whoever that subscribes it. At $4 monthly for its basic subscription or $10 for its premium subscription service, it is anything but expensive. Sony boasts on having at least 10 million tracks on its database as of date which should be sufficient to almost everyone. However, the service is made available on Android devices only although there are perks for those that have Sony’s Tablet S.

Here is the good news to those who have bought Sony Tablet S: you are able to get 6 months free trial for your devices. It means that you can save up to $60 if you count the premium service that they are offering. There’s simply nothing to lose for you Sony Tablet S users that’s for sure.

Currently, Sony Music Unlimited is available in only nine countries but if you are one of the lucky ones to have it in your country, we highly recommend that you give this a try. It definitely beats buying an album every time a new one comes out. Heck, it’s even cheaper than an album.

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