Surface Mini 8-inch Laptop from Microsoft coming on the shelves soon


Rumors are springing up that am 8-inch gadget of Microsoft Surface is coming to the market soon in June. Moreover, the another member soon to come in the family of Microsoft Surface tablets will be a 10-inch variety of the Surface tab that is expected to come to the market by the third quarter.

What more the report said

The report also cited of touch panel enabled in the gadget is manufactured by Samsung and the processors by Nvidia. Pegatron, Taiwanese ODM will look into the distribution of the device. Microsoft is surely having high hopes as a Redmond based concern speculates demand of one million units real soon.

The smaller tab idea

The rumor of the launching of a smaller tablet emerged when Microsoft updated its software or smaller devices in March. This made possible for the OS to work with resolutions like 1024x786p. You have heard of a similar pixel density in iPad Mini.

With this device, Microsoft is entering the lower pixel density gadget market since it wants to experiment with different sizes in tablets. Based on the similar code core this gadget will surely broaden the Microsoft surface Umbrella.

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